Skyforge Distant Frequencies Expansion Introduces the Soundweaver

By Rebecca Smith,
Allods Team's MMORPG Skyforge will soon be getting new content with the "Distant Frequencies" expansion. Due to arrive on Xbox One next month, players will get a new support class character who's investigating a series of mysterious events.

The Soundweaver relies on her musical prowess to defeat her enemies. By setting up loudspeakers, her guitar solos send soundwaves across the battlefield to knock enemies backwards, as well as bolstering her allies' attacks. The guitar also makes for a great melee weapon. She arrives in the game as a support class who is part of a party investigating the origins of a "strange gravitational phenomenon" that happened in space. They find themselves in an unknown location where they encounter a new species. It seems like that species is just as happy to see the players as they are to see them:

The "Distant Frequencies" expansion will be released on Xbox One on December 13th. If players want to take part in the next campaign due to follow it in 2019, they will need to complete the "Distant Frequencies" missions before then.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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