Team Rumble Arrives to Fortnite With the Latest Patch

By NicoleRenee00,
There's plenty to see with the latest update for Fortnite this time around. The v6.31 patch is bringing additional items to both Battle Royale and the standalone campaign experience Save the World, including a limited time game mode and a brand new character.

Team Rumble - Battle Royale Mode

As the name so aptly suggests, Team Rumble pits two parties of 20 against one another in an all out elimination. Each player has the chance to respawn, collect a randomly assigned material from the dead, and take first place by reaching 100 eliminations as a team. A new pump shotgun will also be added to the fray, and Epic Games is also excited to note the new tournament, Alchemist Pop-Up Cup, in which the game mode varies from each match.

New Character Airheart - Save the World

A talented engineer and an energetic tinkerer, Airheart will be arriving to Fortnite with her own sentry, R.O.S.I.E, who is free to use with all allies provided you have the ammo. Joining her is the new—but not quite so flashy—Six Feet Under Shovel, perfect for burying the dead, or even just your enemies. Finally, Canny Valley Act 2 will be available with 21 new quests to explore, continuing the story where players left off.

All changes are live, along with the many other alterations which you can see through the official patch notes. Be sure to comment what you're most excited for in the latest batch of content.

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