Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Coming to Xbox One

By Nicole René, 1 month ago
For those who appreciate the classic Dungeons & Dragons game, Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is a strategy management title of the same universe, where players take control of a party of champions to fend off hordes of monsters. The upcoming release is already well received on PC and mobile, and now, Xbox One users will have the chance to try it themselves. You can check out the launch trailer below to see the heroes in action.

With plenty of champions to choose from, players can customize their party however they see fit, interchanging unique abilities and adapting with distinct weaponry to create the ultimate band of merry misfits. Various enemies will assault your adventurers, each variety requiring its own strategic assault, creating a unique experience with each battle. Special events will also be added as time continues, and every player will have the chance to win special in-game items when participating.

Idle Champions is currently free to play on Steam with early access. The full game will be released to Xbox One on December 14th.

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Nicole René
Written by Nicole René
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