Stardew Valley To Be Self-Published Going Forward

By Andy Mills, 3 months ago
The Harvest Moon-inspired Stardew Valley is undoubtedly one of indie success stories of the past few years. Originally released in early 2016, the game has since made its way to pretty much every current platform available thanks to the help of publisher Chucklefish. In fact, it has now been so successful that ConcernedApe is now confident enough to take over publishing duties on most platforms, the developer has announced.


In a statement on the game's website, ConcernedApe thanked Chucklefish for all their help before telling players to expect more Stardew Valley news in the near future.

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a pretty big announcement today.

Starting December 14th, I’ll begin self-publishing Stardew Valley on PC, XBOX, PS4, and PSVITA. On those platforms, I (ConcernedApe) will be both publisher and developer. However, Chucklefish will remain publisher on Nintendo Switch and Mobile platforms.

When I first released Stardew Valley, I was a complete novice to the video game industry. Chucklefish, as my publisher, oversaw the distribution, console ports and translations of the game. They set up the official wiki and helped me redesign the website, to great effect. And of course, Tom Coxon did amazing work adding network code to the game, making multiplayer a reality.

But I’m at a point now where I’m ready to move forward on my own. I think self-publishing is the end-goal of most indie developers, and I’m happy to be in a place where that’s possible!

Expect some more announcements concerning the future of Stardew Valley soon… stay tuned!

Chucklefish, who will continue to work with ConcernedApe on the Nintendo Switch and mobile versions of the game, were equally appreciative of the partnership and wished the developer well with his self-publishing efforts.

We are proud to be part of the Stardew Valley story and wish ConcernedApe every success with his new self-publishing venture. We will carry on working closely together and are particularly excited to be continuing to publish the versions of Stardew Valley for Nintendo Switch and Mobile, including the upcoming Switch Multiplayer update (in submission now) and new Android version which we know many of you are looking forward to! – Chucklefish
Ideally, this change in publisher will have little to no effect on players, but there should be a different name on Stardew Valley's store page from December 14th.

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