Battlefield V Begins New DLC Structure with First Update Overture

By Lane Plummer, 1 month ago
EA and DICE's ambition to drive the Battlefield series into the future with its game-as-service model gets its first test as it launches the first content update for Battlefield V, labeled Overture, December 4th.

To give gamers a glance into what's included in the game's inaugural chapter of downloadable content, DICE released a trailer showcasing a new war story campaign, The Last Tiger, which follows a German tank crew. New company gear and weapons were also shown off to demonstrate new content for the game's online component. They finally revealed a practice range that will allow gamers to test weapons out before jumping into multiplayer lobbies. DICE indicated that there will be more chapters in the Tides of War before March 2019.

Updates to some of the game's core mechanics were announced to roll out as well, such as the time it takes to kill a player, revive teammates, and a rebalancing of the game's medic class and several weapons. As the update goes live, servers for the game will be closed for an hour, with an expected starting time for that around 3 a.m. PDT.

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Lane Plummer
Written by Lane Plummer
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