It Looks Like Crash Team Racing Is Being Teased

By James Kearle, 1 month ago
As is the case with any global video game showcase, the rumor mill has been turning all week in eager anticipation for the 2018 Game Awards. From the confirmation of a new Far Cry game, to industry-wide speculation regarding what Obsidian Entertainment are up to, there are plenty of mysteries tomorrow's Game Awards will answer. However, another rumor has entered the fold — that Crash Team Racing will be getting some form of remaster or remake.


Launching on the original PlayStation all the way back in 1999, many Crash Bandicoot fans have been dreaming of replaying the cult classic kart racer on current-gen consoles for years. Now, various stars have begun to align that indicate something related to Crash Team Racing is indeed on the way.

Rumors began circulating when the official Crash Bandicoot facebook page changed their cover photo to a chequered flag, and wrote a status simply stating "Ummmmmm.... 12.06.2018?" (the date of this year's Game Awards). These rumors were further intensified when PlayStation Access presenter Hollie Bennett tweeted that she had received some orange and brown fuzzy dice, and an anonymous message posturing towards some form of reveal on the same date (presumably from Activision themselves). She was one of many that received the mysterious promotional item.

Could this all be a massive coincidence? Perhaps. However, with Eurogamer news editor Tom Phillips confirming that the outlet "understands this tease to be the real deal," the success of the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, and Activision's activity on social media, it would appear that gaming's favourite marsupial will be crashing onto our consoles again at some point in the near future.

Are you excited to see a potential reveal for Crash Team Racing?
James Kearle
Written by James Kearle
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