Starbreeze Has Had a Rough Couple of Days

By Nic Stevenson,
On December 3rd, Starbreeze AB, creators of Payday 2: Crimewave Edition and last month's OVERKILL's The Walking Dead filed for reconstruction with the Stockholm District Court. The company detailed the decision and how it will affect future projects and current employees in a statement posted to their website:

...the board of directors has mandated executive management to review operation and the company has initiated a program to lower costs and focus on its core business.However, with the latest statistics from Overkill’s The Walking Dead (including effects from latest marketing efforts) affecting the forecasted sales, it has reduced the short term forecasted revenue resulting in an expected shortfall of cash in January 2019.

The reconstruction framework will include salaries to employees of Starbreeze and operations will continue as usual. During the reconstruction period, no payments can be made to suppliers for services or goods relating to the period prior to the date of filing for reconstruction. Suppliers will be paid for services and goods provided during the reconstruction period. As also announced today, Bo Andersson will leave his position as CEO.
If that wasn't enough, officials from the Swedish Economic Crime Authority raided the beleaguered company offices two days later on December 5th. Niklas Ahlgren, the Authority's press officer issued the following statement to

This morning officials from the Swedish Economic Crime Authority raided the offices of Starbreeze in Stockholm. One person was arrested and items were seized. The raid is part of an ongoing investigation involving suspected insider trading.
Starbreeze has stated the two events are unrelated, but it is a shocking amount of blows the conglomerate has taken in just a few days which leaves us wondering, what happens next?
Nic Stevenson
Written by Nic Stevenson
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