Anthem Closed Alpha File Size and Xbox One X Enhancements Revealed

By Sam Quirke,
We have discovered a listing for Anthem's closed alpha which reveals the game's file size and the nature of its Xbox One X Enhancements. Although the alpha download has been code-named "ECA", Anthem screenshots are attached to the download page.

ECA Closed Alpha
ECA Closed Alpha

This is a Closed Alpha for ECA. As such, servers may go down without notice and you may see other stability issues. This test enables us to troubleshoot issues before launch. Please strictly observe the NDA, and thank you for playing!

The listing shows that the alpha will be 20.05 GB in size and naturally it will feature the game's signature four player online co-op. It also shows that the game will be Xbox One X Enhanced, featuring HDR10 and 4K Ultra HD. Alpha registration closed on December 3rd — those that were lucky enough to be invited will be able to download the Alpha now. The test period runs from December 8th to December 9th.

The closed alpha is under an NDA so we don't expect to see any preview footage from players, though we wouldn't be surprised if some accompanying trailer appears at tonight's Game Awards.

Anthem releases on February 22nd 2019.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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