Obsidian Unveils The Outer Worlds

By Kevin Tavore,
When Microsoft announced its acquisition of Obsidian last month, fans were quick to begin guessing what their next game might be. The team that created Fallout and developed Fallout: New Vegas could very possibly deliver a massive hit. At The Game Awards, Obsidian announced their newest game: The Outer Worlds.

So it's not post-apocalyptic, but it is cyberpunk space-world western, so that's pretty much the same thing. And it's chock full of Obsidian's trademark charm, if the trailer is any indication. It seems we're set to enter a world controlled by corporations where people are marginalized and you, the unlikely hero, can make any decision you please. Who would have it any other way? If you've grown tired of Fallout in recent years, Obsidian has come out screaming that they have the solution.

We'll get you more info on The Outer Worlds as soon as we have it.
Kevin Tavore
Written by Kevin Tavore
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