Rockstar Balances Red Dead Online Currency and Gifts Beta Players Some Moolah

By Chewie, 1 month ago
Since its phased launch beginning on November 27th, players have been flooding the plains of the Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Beta with varying degrees of success. One concern raised by many players appears to be around the the balance of the currency and microtransactions involved with purchasing items, including weapons. Seemingly, missions and events give precious little money and gold bars, with the hefty requirements to purchase items being rather unbalanced. Rockstar has now announced that they've begun to implement some changes to the experience that aim to balance these issues.

Online Beta

Firstly, cash and gold payments will be increased across a variety of activities, missions and events. Secondly, the price of most weapons will be reduced, with players who have already purchased them receiving a cash injection of the difference into their balances. Finally, values of other items, such as pelts, fish, and horse reviver, have also been balanced.

Rockstar has also assured players that they're working hard to iron out some of the wrinkles from the experience, including addressing bugs that lead to players being kicked from sessions, with the hope these fixes will arrive in the coming week.

As a way of thanking the community for joining in with the Beta and helping the developers get invaluable feedback to enhance the experience, all players who experienced the Beta up to midnight PST on December 6th will receive a gift of $250 and 15 Gold Bars. That's virtual, not real, unfortunately. Gifts should start appearing between now and December 14th.

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Written by Chewie
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