Devil May Cry 5's Trip To The Game Awards Ends With An Xbox One Exclusive Demo

By Andy Mills,
It's been a busy few days for Capcom and the upcoming Devil May Cry 5. There's now an Xbox One exclusive demo, the return of a fan favourite mode, some soundtrack changes and more, most of which was revealed by a lengthy trailer at The Game Awards

The above screenshots are all from the aforementioned trailer. The over four-minute long trailer provides plenty of time for each of the three protagonists taking on all manner of demons — sometimes at the same time, showing off the new cameo system where players can appear in another person's game when appropriate — as well as seeing a few of the friends that they've made along the way.

When V was in action in that trailer, we heard snippets play from his battle theme much like "Devil Trigger" did whenever Nero was fighting demons and "Subhuman" for Dante (more on the latter in a minute). Well, the day after the trailer, Capcom released V's full battle theme. Have a listen to "Crimson Cloud" from Jeff Rona and Rachel Fannan below.

It isn't the only soundtrack news either, although this next piece of news comes about because of rather unsavoury reasons. Those who have been following the game since it was announced may have noticed a difference in vocals between the original version of "Subhuman" and the one in Thursday's trailer. Originally recorded by Suicide Silence, after Capcom learned of sexual misconduct allegations against vocalist Eddie Hermida, they opted to remove his vocals from the game and have instead replaced them with new vocals from former Volumes front-man Michael Barr.

Onto brighter news now, and those who watched the trailer to the end will have noticed a couple of things. First is the return of the Bloody Palace mode. The folks at Capcom are still working on details and balance adjustments so the mode will release of part of a free update after release, with the team aiming for April. The other piece of news is for those of us on Xbox. Similar to how past Capcom games Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and Monster Hunter: World had exclusive demos on PS4, Devil May Cry 5 now has an exclusive demo on Xbox One. The demo is one that Capcom has been taking to trade shows and players will play as Nero as he fights through a decent amount of demons before finishing off with a boss.

The demo of Devil May Cry 5 is available for Xbox One players now, and the full game will release on March 8th, 2019.

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