Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition Patch Fixes a Long List of Bugs

By Nicole René, 1 month ago
When the definitive edition of Divinity: Original Sin 2 launched back in August, there were quite a few complaints derived from the plethora of bugs in the game. Lucky for us, Larian Studios has just released a patch to fix it, and it's a very long list. In fact, the team noted that there was exactly 300 of them in total, spread out to each console. You can check out the full list on the official site, but here are the Xbox specific alterations.

Press Kit

Xbox Specific Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a messagebox getting stuck on-screen during the transition to Act Three under certain circumstances
  • Fixed error 0x0011 when trying to join an invite-only lobby
  • Fixed an incorrect error message related to starting a multiplayer game while in the single player Character Creation flow
  • Sir Lora's shield is easier to use now that he's ignored by Shriekers
And finally, there's a new selection of recipes for Static Cloud Arrows, Explosive Arrows, and an Immunity to Madness. The patch is now live, so players can return to their bug-free adventure to defeat Alexandar and the Divine Order today.

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Nicole René
Written by Nicole René
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