Vigor Patch Adds New Events and First Female Outlander

By Lucy Wood,
Bohemia Interactive has delivered another update for upcoming shooter looter Vigor, adding new gameplay events and introducing a new female Outlander.

Vigor is set in post-war Norway with gameplay involving looting, surviving and fighting for airdrop rewards. Update 0.7 is the first stage of a plan to make this formula more varied by offering new optional objectives during matches. This is a summary of the changes made by the "Breach" update:
  • The Barred House is a barricaded interior containing a safe. It takes a while to remove the barricade and unlock the safe to claim the reward within. All players in the encounter are aware that someone is attempting to access the reward, so players must decide whether it's worth the risk.
  • When an Outlander kills three other people they are marked as a Threat to all players. The other players can then decide whether to avoid the Threat or hunt them down.
  • When there is a duo in an encounter, airdrops will contain two Boxes of Valuables.
  • Solo and duo queues may sometimes be merged to reduce wait times. The developer is aware of matchmaking problems, especially in Australia, Oceania and South America, and will continue working to improve the situation.
  • Eva, the first female Outlander, is now available and other female characters are being developed.
  • The Shelter now has a Firing Range where players can test their guns on scarecrows which take damage in the same way as Outlanders.
  • Players needing to unwind can play with a new puzzle cube in their Shelter.

Vigor is available for Xbox One as an Xbox Game Preview title.

We've got the full list of Vigor achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
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