Free Dark Level Arrives for Human: Fall Flat Next Year

By Rebecca Smith,
Four months ago, an update for Human Fall Flat added online multiplayer and new achievements. Next year, the game will be getting another free update on Xbox One that will add a new level, Dark, and there's a promise of more content to come later in 2019.

Available for both single player and multiplayer, Dark sounds like a level that didn't quite make it out in time for Halloween. The night-time level has a full moon and "classic horror tropes and imagery". As usual, players will have to overcome physics-based challenges that involve manipulating magnets, electricity, and ragdoll characters. Take a look at the level in action in the game's latest trailer.

Despite what the trailer promises, the level is only available on Steam today — it will be arriving on Xbox One at some point in 2019. Developer No Brakes Games also promises more content to come throughout next year, including more levels and new character skins.

We've got the full list of Human Fall Flat achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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