New Jurassic World Evolution Update Adds Challenges and Sandbox Options

By Chewie,
A free update due to land shortly for Jurassic World Evolution will add some new challenges and sandbox options to the game. Update 1.6 expands the Challenge Mode added in September, adding seven challenges across all of the game's islands (including locations in the "Secrets of Dr. Wu" DLC for those who own it).

Patch Screen

Additionally, new sandbox settings to customise your experience will include:
  • Changing dinosaur aggression, making them more angsty or docile
  • Removing failed incubations so you can always successfully incubate
  • Adjusting dinosaur requirements so, for example, dinosaurs with social anxiety issues won't mind mingling
  • Implementing the Hammond Foundation fee (previously only in the Challenge Mode) to add more challenge to your game by emptying your pockets to the corporation
Patch Screen

Update 1.6 for Jurassic World Evolution drops on December 13th.

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Written by Chewie
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