Weekend Announcements December 7-9th: A Fold Apart, Wreckout and More

By Rebecca Smith, 1 month ago
Last week we didn't have a Weekend Announcements because we didn't have any announcements to cover. This week there was the Kinda Funny Games Showcase, which announced six titles during the hour duration of the show. These are joined by four others that were also brought to our attention over the weekend. Take a look and see if there's anything you like in the list below:

A Fold Apart

Lightning Rod Games' "puzzle-driven narrative adventure" tells the story of a long-distance relationship. The paper worlds of an architect and a teacher have been parted by their jobs. Together they must deal with miscommunication and all of the other complications introduced by being miles apart. Of course, there's always two sides to every story and a paper world that can be folded and manipulated is the best way to enforce that point. Players can attempt to reunite the couple when the game comes to Xbox One some time after it has been released on PC and Switch in spring 2019.

Anew: The Distant Light

Resonator Games' "open-world, action-exploration game" puts players in the role of a child who somehow finds themselves stranded on an alien moon. Now 20 light years away from Earth and with very limited resources, they must carry out a very important mission despite their age. Players need to explore this dangerous world, solving puzzles and finding new equipment, vehicles and upgrades. You might even find yourself some new friends who will help you along the way. The game is only confirmed for consoles right now, but it will be arriving in summer 2019.

City Patrol: Police

Toplitz Productions have already brought titles like Airport Simulator 2019 and Transport Giant to Xbox, and now they're bringing two more simulators in the same direction. The first sees players join a City Patrol Special Unit where they have to enforce the law on the city's streets. Despite having the assistance of powerful cars and high-end equipment, it won't all be chasing criminals and thwarting terrorists — you will have to issue the odd parking ticket too. Not only is there a campaign, players will also be able to free roam through the open world tackling 80 side missions as they please. The title will be coming to unspecified consoles "soon".


Wraith Games' upcoming title is not a match-3 game, it's a "block crunching puzzle game". By breaking blocks permanently, as well as tilting, turning and flipping the playing field, players have to make lines of four similarly coloured blocks to get points. The number of blocks that can be broken is controlled by the break meter. Make matches to refill the meter, because it's game over when the meter runs out. The game will come with 300 puzzles, 5 difficulty levels, daily puzzles, local and online battle modes for up to eight players, and a level editor that lets players create their own puzzles. It will eventually arrive on Xbox One in the future.

Football, Tactics & Glory

Toplitz's second title takes a slightly different direction, bringing turn-based battles onto a football pitch. Players will create a football club capable of winning trophy after trophy as they climb from the Amateur League all the way through to the Premier League. The club's players can be levelled up after each match, and their appearance can be customised as you see fit. It's the closest players will get to Football Manager without a PC, and it will be appearing on unspecified consoles "soon".


Karl Fredriksson is the sole developer working on this "2D Adventure Mortal-Metroid-Combat-Vania" game that draws inspiration from titles such as Guacamelee, Axiom Verge, and Dark Souls. Set in a strange "early age steampunk-universe", players assume the role of the titular knifeboy, a man with a knife somehow attached to his head, who has returned from hell to seek revenge on his killer. This is one of those titles that's best seen for yourself, so take a look at the trailer below before deciding whether you'll be getting the game when it appears on Xbox One in Q2 2019.

Last Year: The Nightmare

Elastic Games' "asymmetric multiplayer action-survival game" takes place on Halloween 1996. Five teenagers have been teleported into "a dark, twisted reflection" of their hometown, Forest Hills. The problem is this alternate version of their twon is haunted by a supernatural force known as The Nightmare, which controls a group of killers. Five players each take on the role of a survivor as they work their way through the East Side High School campus, completing objectives and trying to escape. Meanwhile, a sixth player takes on the role of The Nightmare, trying to kill all five players before they get that far. The title will be releasing first through the Discord store next week, but will find its way onto unspecified consoles next year.

Moving Out

The developer of Death Squared returns to unspecified consoles with their "chaotic ‘80s-themed co-op moving simulator". As a new employee of the Smooth Move company, you're aiing to become certified as a Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician (FART). Once you've seen the training tape, you'll take lessons from Mick “RicePirate” Lauer as you take on unconventional missions, from transporting goods into space to smuggling giraffes out of a zoo. Speed is of the essence if you're to get to the next job in time, and it doesn't matter how much damage you cause to your surroundings in the process. Players can either take on the job on their own or recruit friends both locally and online to lend a hand. You can try it out for yourself next year.


Studio Inkyfox took to Kickstarter to raise the funds to bring their "atmospheric exploration and puzzle adventure" to consoles. While they did reach that stretch goal, an Xbox One version of the title is still slightly uncertain. If it does appear on the console, players will unlock the hero's true potential as they travel across landscapes as diverse as forests, desert and frozen tundra. You'll discover a lost civilisation and meet many other characters along the way. Gameplay combines 3D platforming with puzzles, and you can see it in action in the trailer below.


The publisher behind Hyper Sentinel and the upcoming The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain is back with their own game this time, and it looks like a combination of Rocket League and Breakout. Players battle against each other to be the first to break the ten blocks behind their opponent's goal line by flinging and deflecting the ball towards them using high-powered vehicles. Clean throws will do more damage than deflected hits, so you'll need to time those shots perfectly... or just be lucky. Huey Games will be bringing the title to Xbox One in Q2 2019.

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