Cats & Pandas Invade Minecraft In The Newly Released Update 1.8

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 month ago
Another patch has hit the various different versions of Minecraft with Update 1.8 bringing cat & pandas to the game along with three new achievements. As well as the Xbox One version of the game, you can play with these new animals in the Android, Gear VR, iOS, Kindle Fire, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, and Windows Phone versions of the title.

The black and white rolling pandas are a new mob in the game. They are cute and cuddly but also very protective of their children and they love bamboo. Cats have also been redesigned as well as scaffolding and the mentioned bamboo. You can also get to grips with a new crossbow and its enchantments. However, you will need to use the "activate Experimental Gameplay" toggle in the world settings to even use the weapon.

Update 1.8

There's also a touch of information on Realms:

Realms also now offers a subscription for Xbox players which will make it easier to keep your Realm from expiring. Speaking of Realms, we finally fixed the bug where blazes could one-shot kill you.
Lastly, but most certainly not least, there's the full list of bug fixes in the following change log. There's new features and quite a number of changes and fixes to many different parts of the game.

Update 1.8

The new update for Minecraft is available right now.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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