Fortnite Patch Brings New Weapon To The Fight And Much More

By Andrew Ogley, 1 month ago
Not so long ago, Epic announced details of Season 7 for Fortnite. The latest patch, v7.01 will be landing shortly and as with previous updates, brings a wealth of changes.

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First of all, Battle Royale players will be able to get to grips with a new melee weapon, the Infinity Blade, a Mythic weapon that can be found on Polar Peak. The primary attack will deal 200 damage to enemies and destroy structures in a single blow. The alternate mode enables players to leap great distances, and delivers damage and a knock-up to any players in close proximity to the landing. The first player to release the blade from its pedestal will be instantly healed to full health and shields, and will get a permanent boost to both attributes whilst carrying the sword. Of course, there's a catch... there always is. All inventory items — other than building materials — will be dropped the moment a player picks up the weapon, and picking anything else up will immediately relinquish the sword. It's worth noting that there will only be one Infinity Blade per match.

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Fans of Save The World will see a familiar weapon returning, albeit for a limited period. The slow-firing rifle, Ralphie's Revenge, will be available again in the weekly store. Deadly accurate and yielding a massive headshot bonus, it's something for the sniping community. The rifle will be available until December 19th, 7 PM ET.

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Perhaps one of the biggest changes is the introduction of Fortnite Creative, a new mode that will appeal to all of the creative souls in the community. Players will have their own private island on which they will be able build their own creations, maps and arenas, before sharing with friends or the online community. One small caveat of note, Epic has stated that this is an early release of the mode, so there may be unexpected issues.

Of course, there are plenty more fixes and tweaks in the patch, far too many to list here, and the official site can provide those details. Ultimately, the Fortnite juggernaut continues rolling and season 7 will no doubt keep players entertained over the holiday season.

The latest patch, v7.01, is available from December 13th.

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