HITMAN 2 – Holiday Hoarders Pack Will Offer Legacy: Paris Level For Free

By Sam Quirke, 1 month ago
IO Interactive recently announced that we were due a "festive surprise" for HITMAN 2 on December 16th. It looks like that information may have leaked early as we have found a description for the "Holiday Hoarders" pack.

We have the full list of HITMAN 2 Achievements. Check the list for guides to unlocking them.
HITMAN 2 - Holiday Hoarders
HITMAN 2 - Holiday Hoarders

** Available for a Limited Time Only ** Say Happy Holidays with an explosive snow globe and other mystery gifts! Download the full Legacy Paris mission for free in HITMAN 2 and get access to our seasonal 'Holiday Hoarders' contract, where two thieves have gained access to the Paris fashion show and are stealing all the presents. As Agent 47, it's your job to stop them, for good. Players who download the game for free will have full access to everything included in the Legacy 'ICA Facility' location and the Legacy 'Paris' location. - 3 Story missions - 3 Escalations Contracts - 120+ Challenges - 20+ Achievements Holiday items are usable in the Holiday Hoarders mission only. Game access lasts for the free period. Saved progress will transfer to the full game if purchased.

Originally part of the first HITMAN season, "Holiday Hoarders" gave players the opportunity to download the Paris level of the game for free along with a new contract to stop some thieves from stealing Christmas presents. It looks like the second game is making the same offer, allowing "Legacy: Paris" to be downloaded for free, as well as the ICA Facility content of the prologue. The Legacy versions of the first game's levels are updated with all of the new tools and mechanics brought by the sequel.

This may not be the only festive surprise in store for us, but we're certainly looking forward to setting up our own deadly take on Home Alone once again with Agent 47.

We've got the full list of HITMAN 2 achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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