Ghost Recon Wildlands Joins Forces with Future Soldier for Special Operation 3

By Rebecca Smith, 1 month ago
Last week, Ubisoft announced they were planning another major update for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands in the form of Special Operation 3. While details were a bit scarce, we did know there would be a new PvE Mission, two more PvP Classes, two new maps, Photo Mode, and a range of new customisation items. This week, the update has arrived and players will be revisiting the past with a crossover mission with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

In Operation Silent Spade, Scott Mitchell has recruited the help of Nomad and his team for a joint investigation with the youngest Ghost ever to join their ranks, John Kozak. Together they must find out how the Santa Blanca cartel is tied to the threat of a nuclear attack. The mission can be played in single-player or with up to three friends in co-op. Once players complete the mission, they'll be rewarded with the Optical Camo Backpack, a prototype of the cloaking device that boosts players' stealth ability.

The update also includes two new PvP classes for Ghost War mode, inspired by Future Soldier. The first, Vanguard, is an Assault character equipped with the L85A2 and SR3M. He has Sensor Grenades that can be used to highlight all enemies in a small area, even those behind solid objects. The second is Sharpshooter, a Marksman equipped with the M40A5 and SRSA-1. His Long Range Specialist ability charges while he's aiming, and once it's fully charged, the next shot he takes won't suffer from the effects of bullet drop and sway. The two classes are available exclusively to Year 2 Pass holders until December 18th, when they will then become available for all players.

The first of the two new PvP maps is Lithium Mine. Set in north Bolivia at the western edge of Koani, the map features plenty of open spaces for the Marksman classes and tightly packed warehouses that cater more to close quarters combat classes. The second map is Outskirts, the edge of a Santa Blanca compound located near the La Cruz refugee camp. The base offers plenty of close quarters opportunities with tall buildings to suit Marksmen. Meanwhile, the forest gives plenty of opportunity for organised squads to outflank their enemies.

There are plenty of cosmetic additions too. Year 2 Pass holders get a free "Infantry Pack" that includes an ACU Shirt, Mayflower APC, and Covered ACH. Outside of the Year 2 Pass, there's a Future Soldier-inspired "Silent Spade Pack" that includes a F2000, Scout Vest, CBRN Half Mask, and Scott Mitchell Face Paint that is now available for purchase. Over 90 new items have been added to Battle Crates, including new icons for John Kozak and Scott Mitchell, and there will also be free items for players to earn through PvE Challenges and Ubisoft Club rewards. Finally, parachute wings can be customised with one of 12 new options. One of these is earned by completing Operation Silent Spade, one is earned through a Challenge, and a third is available through the Ubisoft Club. The remaining nine can be found in Battle and Prestige Crates.

The ubiquitous Photo Mode is the final major addition in this update. Players can make use of a variety of filters and other optons to create the perfect photo. Ubisoft has provided more information on the mode here/.

The rest of the changes brought along by the patch can be seen in the spoiler below.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Special Operation 3 is available right now.

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