Sea of Thieves Adds Gilded Gifts in Festive Update

By Caleb Greer, 1 month ago
Even pirates are getting gifts this season as Sea of Thieves launches the "Gilded Gifts" event in Update 1.4.1. During the month of December, players can visit Duke at any Outpost tavern to grab a Gilded Voyage for 0 Doubloons with the promise of high-value rewards! The statement below provides more specifics:

Your voyage options are Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, Merchant Alliance or (if you've reached Pirate Legend status) Athena's Fortune. Once acquired from Duke, your chosen voyage will be in your inventory until you decide to embark upon it. However, you'll only have one chance to complete the voyage, so think hard about when you want to tackle it and make sure you have the time to see it through! All rewards from this voyage will be worth more than the standard rate, so prepare to rake in the gold and reputation.
Sea of Thieves Gilded Gifts 2

Outposts have also been redecorated to reflect the holiday spirit. The remainder of the many fixes and improvements from the patch are as follows:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

The update is out now. Have fun on the high seas!

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