12 Days of Gearsmas Begins in Gears of War 4

By Rebecca Smith, 1 month ago
We're reaching the time of year where games start to introduce their holiday festivities. Gears of War 4 is no exception as The Coalition has just kicked off the 12 Days of Gearsmas event. The event brings along 12 days of bonuses, a special Horde variant and multiplayer mode, and plenty of Gearsmas skins to be earned.

Despite the date in the trailer, the 12 Days of Gearsmas have begun already with 8XP and a Snowflake Lancer skin. The bonus will last until 8PM GMT today, when it will change for another bonus. You can check the game's Twitter account to stay up to date with the bonuses they'll be introducing each day in addition to a different Snowflake Weapon Skin. As well as new content, the team will be giving away content from previous years and they're promising the bonuses are "even bigger" than before.

The Jingle Juvies Horde variant returns again to throw 25 waves of antler-bearing Juvies at teams of players. Once again, fortifications are weaker and health barriers will take a single hit. Players who manage to complete three full 25-wave matches of Jingle Juvies on any difficulty will be rewarded with a 5 card Gear Pack that contains five random Midnight Omen Weapon Skins, so if you're one of the gamers who hasn't managed to complete the Better Than Bacon achievement, now's your chance. You'll need to head over to the My Rewards section of the game's website to claim your skins once those three matches are complete.

Gearsmas 2018

The limited time multiplayer mode Snowball Fight will also be returning, but has been delayed until Monday because of the discovery of a "critical issue". Once it arrives, players will take part in Team Deathmatches armed only with a Snowshot. This Boomshot variant instantly kills your opponent if you hit them directly above the waist. Players who get 100 kills in this mode during the Gearsmas event will earn themselves the Ice Boomshot and Heartbeat Boomshot Weapon Skins. You'll need to head over to the My Rewards section of the game's website to claim your skins once you've racked up those kills. To tide players over until Monday, players can take part in an "XP boosted version of Brothers to the End" complete with Gearsmas hats instead.

Finally, there's a new set of skins to collect. The Snowglobe Weapon Skin set accompanies a festive Gingerbread Imago and Santa's Helper Oscar. All of these are found in the Gearsmas 2018 pack, which comes in 400 and 2000 Credit versions. All of these skins will also be available for direct purchase on the Gears of War 4 store.

Gearsmas 2018

The Gears Packs and all of the holiday festivities will be available until January 4th.

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