Phantasy Star Universe Spring Event

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Regular players of Phantasy Star Universe will be glad to know that there is a special spring event happening at the moment. The 'Protectors Zeta' event means that players advance through a shorter-than-usual run of the mysterious phantom areas that have appeared across Gurhal. However, a boss battle follows each mission block, meaning that the amount of EXP points on offer is much higher than usual.

No longer will you be spending hours trying to reach level 90 to enable you to defeat Dark Falz 2; these encounters could be against any bosses, but Dark Falz 2 is just one of the bosses that has been added to the selection. This makes the Dark Falz 2 Slayer achievement much easier to earn.

The event will last until May 12th, 2011, so there's plenty of time to take advantage of the EXP bonuses.
Credit for this story goes to TXMOOK
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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