Weekend Announcements December 14-16th: Hovership Havoc, Kings of Lorn and More

By Rebecca Smith,
At the end of this week, most studios will be closing for the holiday period. This means that this is the last Weekend Announcements of the year, although we'll be returning in the new year with every title revealed over the holiday period. For now, we have five games that may have escaped your attention, and all of them will be arriving on the Xbox One and/or Windows 10 thanks to the ID@Xbox programme. Take a look and see if there's anything you like in the list below:

A Gummy's Life

EP Games' arena brawler pits up to 16 players against each other as they bid to become to most brutal candy alive. The free-for-all fights take place in a range of wacky locations, such as a football stadium, the park, the fortress, the fair, or on top of a pie. However, the gummies aren't just trying to beat each other up — they can also alter the landscape to gain a tactical advantage over their opponents. Each of the different gummie types has different statistics, and players can unlock different colour variants as they go. You can take on your friends when the game arrives in Q1 2019 for Xbox One.

Days After The Storm

Strange Beat Games' debut title is a tribute to adventure titles like Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, RAMA, and The 7th Guest. After a nuclear blast devastates the land, the player must wander through the landscape to be reunited with their family. Help will be available from other survivors as they all try to survive the dangerous conditions. The game will come with two modes. Adventure is the more traditional adventure game mode where players will need to solve puzzles to progress. On the contrary, Arcade mode will instead replace the more challenging puzzles with mini-games. The title is due to arrive on Xbox One and Windows 10 this year, but whether it makes that deadline with just 13 days to go remains to be seen.

Hovership Havoc

Snow Day Software's "top down shooter with 3rd person boss battles" tasks players with navigating through a procedurally generated futuristic factory as they try to take down all of the robotic enemies within, including the gigantic bosses. Enemies drop XP and over 30 random abilities that can be used to upgrade your ship and increase your chances of making it through the entire factory. The game will be arriving on Xbox One and Windows 10 in Q1 2019.

Kings of Lorn: The Fall of Ebris

Teamkill Studio's "first-person fantasy-horror" title places players in the world of Lunaris, a once beautiful kingdom. The king, Gulbrand, had his own ideas of how to rule, though, and he brought forth an ancient plague that laid waste to much of civilization. After that had done its damage, he then used the Resyme Catalyst, an artifact that sacrificed his entire kingdom to the world of Lorn, so that he could be immortal. Humanity is now on the verge of extinction and Hakon, the last Forerunner of Ebris, is tasked with stopping him. As Halon, players must explore the land, avoiding its horrors as he finds what he needs to achieve his goal. The title is due to arrive on Xbox One and Windows 10 in Q1 2019.

Will Glow the Wisp

PartTimeIndie's "melee bullet hell platformer without platforms" combines elements of Super Meat Boy, Geometry Wars and Enter the Gungeon. The titular wisp, Will Glow, finds himself trapped in a prison made of created entirely out of light phenomena, and he has to use all of his skills to escape. You'll get a chance to help him escape when the game is released on Xbox One in Q1 2019.

Don't forget to join us after the holidays for the next batch of new titles.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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