Celebrating TrueAchievements' Community Milestones in 2018

By Mark Delaney, 1 month ago
Hi TA faithful! A few weeks ago, we asked you to share with us your major gaming milestones. After dozens of messages flooded the inbox, we've done our best to collect some of the most standout accomplishments and highlight them in this year-end wrap-up where we give people their due recognition. One thing that has always impressed me is just how passionate this community is, and that comes through in the way we follow the news, respond to reviews, assist each other with guides and gaming sessions, and especially the vigilance commonly on display when we chase achievements.

This wrap-up could never cover every single special milestone, and what is special to each of us is subjective and still worth celebrating even if your proudest moment isn't listed here. With that in mind, we tried picking out some exceptional or unique feats that we feel are obviously impressive no matter who you are. We've also given special attention to some of the community's most active members in a variety of categories. Here are the milestones — and congrats TA, you were awesome again.

Onsidic Saves The World

Every game has a first completion, but some games, like Sea of Thieves or Fortnite are so notoriously hard or time-consuming that it makes those first players to 1,000 them so memorable. Onsidic was the world's first person to gain all 45 achievements in the world's most popular game, Fortnite. Of course, every single one of those achievements comes from the game's less revered Save The World mode, but the list is quite a pain — and he finished it in April, before several patches made it easier and a full two months before the next person would do it. He said it wasn't really his intention at first but as it became clear that he would be close to the top he tried to hit the top 100, then top 10, then before he knew it, he was first ever! Onsidic estimates it took around 1350 hours to top off the challenging list. The question remains, however, can he floss?

oxHARMONxo Dances The Night Away

Have you ever been the first on a leaderboard in a particular genre? oxHARMONxo has. He actually leads the site in every dance category there is and sits as the only person to complete every game in the rigorous Just Dance franchise — including every stackable list for the series. Mind you, this is a series that still releases for the Nintendo Wii, so there are many achievement-enabled versions to chase on Xbox, but he's achieved them all. He now sits alone as the top player for Dance/Music games in overall Gamerscore, TA score, and completed games. It sounds like a very sweaty accomplishment, but it's certainly one to be proud of.

Ethstraad Is The Last To Be Gigantic

When a game is shutting down or closing servers for its online portion. this community does two things: first, we panic. Then, we put our heads together and chase those soon to be unobtainable achievements. The online-only MOBA Gigantic sadly failed to resonate with enough players to stay sustainable, which meant its waning weeks and days were full of fans saying goodbye and achievement hunters looking to finish off the list before the game disappeared from the ether. We heard from a few people who spoke of chasing Gigantic's list right at the buzzer, the person who did it with the least time to spare, was Ethstraad, who unlocked the 26th and final achievement just 18 minutes before the servers closed down for good. He was one of eight people on site to finish the list on that final day, and when asked of how that completion went towards the end he said, "in the last couple of days, the servers turned off, and the community started to have the realisation we may never finish it. They came back to life with 20 hours remaining and it was absolute madness!"

Gears 4's Fastest Five

Another famously time-consuming achievement list is Gears of War 4, it's such a long completion that only five people have topped off the list in under 400 hours! We heard from the fastest person on site, Bastian Reader, who finished the game in 333 hours and 3 minutes. He suggested we give a well-earned shoutout to the other four to do it nearly as fast, and we agreed it was a great idea, so a big congratulations goes out to GtechApocalypse (340 hours, 9 minutes), I BossK I (357 hours, 44 minutes), Shinnizle (361 hours, 33, minutes), and Schaafy (386 hours, 45 minutes). You're officially the Under 400 Club among Gears diehards.

The Eternal Bean Dive

This one was brought to our attention by Mephisto4thewin, who wanted to give a shoutout to three gamers on site that have competed to start a new game every day for over 2,100 days and counting! The trio of gamers is MADeyePadEYE, Montana97, and seamonkeypowder. We didn't speak to them directly before this story was published, so hopefully they see this and come to share more details of this improbable feat.

Johnny Ola's Sequential Score

In the broad Xbox community, a Gamerscore of over 100,000 is massive, but around TA, it's about average. Still, some scores in that range are cooler than others. Take Johnny Ola's score earlier this year, which was, for a short while, the perfectly sequential 123,456. He's since climbed another 6,000 or so, but for a moment, his score was perfectly clean and orderly. We've reached out to Johnny for a screenshot and will update if he passes it along.

LausDomini's 59K In a Single Day

Lots of people wrote in to share how proud they were to have achieved different Gamerscore milestones in 2018, like 40, 50, or even 60,000 in a year. As we said, these accomplishments are subjective and if you're proud, we're sure you have good reason to be. But some milestones are impressive to anyone, and LausDomini's single-day Gamerscore gains are such an example. He boosted his score by a massive 59,291 Gamerscore back in the early part of 2018. Such a feat appears to be an all-time record for Xbox, but if you know of someone who outperformed this, let us know! For good measure, the second most score in a day also belonged to LausDomini, who the very next day recorded another increase of 25,942 Gamerscore. Incredible!

Seven Days of Achievement Heaven with RedmptionDenied

Though LausDomini went on to score an increase of 85,463 Gamerscore in his impressive week, such a feat was ultimately bested in the seven-day totals by RedmptionDenied, who set the week-long record in 2018 with 87,941 Gamerscore. That number is made even better when you consider he did it this month and his December total is a still increasing record too. When we took these stats a week or so ago, he had the best month with 155,300 Gamerscore this December, and he's still going!

Keeping The Streak Alive

Achievement streaks are one stat category we track on TA that gets a lot less attention than stuff like TA ratio or overall Gamerscore, but in terms of consistency, there are few milestones as impressive. Currently there are four people on site that have popped at least one achievement every single day of 2018 starting on New Year's Day. They are RustymanPlays, sonictails, naoya0831, and Otouto72. It's surely no coincidence and most likely involves a good amount of Windows Phone gaming for each of them. There are streaks that extend even beyond these too, but we wanted to give a shout to those who set this as a yearly goal and are just days away from completing the journey.

What's New, mlkybrs r on me?

Pop quiz: How many new games released in 2018 on the Xbox/Windows ecosystem? Answer: 627. How many did community member mlkybrs r on me play? 580! That's 93% of all new releases. The next closest person had played 436, so he's far and away the frontrunner for this category. Assuming he's played each enough to speak on them, there may be no one better suited to weigh in on what really is the Game of the Year.

Journey to the Past with pliskin101

What is in some ways the exact opposite of playing nearly every new release in 2018 is spending much of your time with Xbox 360 games. No one played more backward compatible games than pliskin101 in the past twelve months, notching at least one achievement in 306 games from the program. The Microsoft back compat team is taking a well-earned breather until the new year, so it seems pliskin101 can do the same for now.

BiLLzuMaNaTi Has All the Answers

This community wouldn't be what it is without the great achievement guides so many come to share for others' benefit, and in 2018 no one person submitted more achievement solutions than BiLLzuManaTi, who provided answers for a stunning 347 achievements and counting. That's 120 more than the next closest solutions writer. Having used his guides often myself, I can say with certainty they're valuable and well made too. That's quantity and quality.

HateMe4141's Year in Review

Our official site reviews aren't the only voices you get on particular games around here. User reviews are popular too, and in 2018 no one wrote more new release reviews than HateMe4141, who has to date written 26 of them. With no editors or standards to meet before posting, he could've spammed this feature just to boost his numbers, but judged by his peers, his review vote ratio remains high, meaning he's not just a frequent reviewer, he's a great one too.

OperativeEmeral Plays Host

Gaming sessions are one of the features that helped get TA off the ground a decade ago. They allow players to schedule multiplayer sessions with others and boost or work on certain achievements together. In 2018, nobody hosted more gaming sessions than OperativeEmeral, who invited others to join in on games like Happy Wars, Destiny, and Alien Vs. Predator a massive 187 times and counting. Like we've seen in several other areas in this stats roundup, he doesn't just have the quantity but also the quality, with a session score of over 98% as rated by his peers. That means he's a good organizer and an even better guy.

We would like to once again thank our lively community for another great year on TrueAchievements. Stats and players like those highlighted here only tell part of the story, and we know there are so many more milestones and friendly community members worth hearing about. If you think we overlooked other great stories from 2018, be sure to share them in the comments. Thanks for being a part of TA. We'll be back over the coming days with lots more year-end stats and features, so stay tuned!
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
Mark is a Boston native now living in Portland, Oregon. He's the Editorial Manager on TA, loves story-first games, and is the host of the community game club TA Playlist. Outside of games he likes biking, sci-fi, the NFL, and spending time with his family. He almost never writes in the third person.