ARK: Survival Evolved Gets a Winter Wonderland Event

By Sam Quirke,
The latest game to get a festive update is ARK: Survival Evolved. Every map on every server will be getting the Winter Wonderland treatment, with Raptor Claus dropping holiday presents from the night sky, as well as Mistletoe and Coal depending on whether survivors have been naughty or nice.

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On the ground, Gacha Claus can be tracked down to barter Coal for holiday gifts, or Mistletoe for weapons and armour. Survivors can decorate their homes with a variety of festive themed lights, a Christmas tree, wreaths, stockings, snowmen and more.

The update will also make a few improvements to commanding flyers, the Manticore's AI and fixes for the Extinction Expansion Pack.

The "Winter Wonderland" update is available now.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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