Pennant Race Gets Mojo and Fitness Shake-Ups in Super Mega Baseball 2 Update

By Chewie, 1 month ago
In the latest update to Super Mega Baseball 2, a new feature will be coming to the Pennant Race mode that will see four players on each team get Mojo and Fitness tweaks applied to them at the start of each race. These changes apply for the duration of that race, and when a new race starts, those players will be reset and a new set of four players will be changed.

Update 7

The level of Mojo and Fitness changes themselves are based on the frequency the user base selects the team and the frequency the team wins. Teams that are selected and win a lot will have negative changes applied whilst the opposite is true for those that aren't chosen or don't win regularly.

As well as this change, "Update 7" brings a number of tweaks and fixes. The full patch notes can be found below:

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"Update 7" for Super Mega Baseball 2 has begun rolling out on all platforms.

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Written by Chewie
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