FIFA 19's Latest Update Will Improve Online Responsiveness

By Andy Mills, 1 month ago
Last week, FIFA 19's console players received Title Update #5 that, among other things, made changes to the Elástico skill and finesse shots. They aren't stopping there, of course, and have already detailed what we can expect in the upcoming Title Update #6 (catchy name as always).

29/08/2018 - Carousel

While the last title update was rather varied, Title Update #6 is laser focused on one thing: online responsiveness. Check out the short but sweet patch notes below, and the slightly more detailed "Pitch Notes" here:

Made the following changes:

Some improvements to the responsiveness of gameplay in situations where your opponent's network connection may be experiencing packet loss or high latency. This change applies to the following game modes:
  • FUT Champions
  • FUT Division Rivals
  • FUT Online Draft
  • FIFA Pro Clubs
  • FIFA Co-Op Seasons
Like we said, short but sweet. FIFA 19's Title Update #6 has had an early kick off on PC, with it set to arrive on current generation consoles in the near future.

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