Latest DayZ Patch Fixes Bugs and Crashing Servers

By NicoleRenee00,
Despite remaining in Game Preview, DayZ has received quite a few patches along the way to release. The latest update is set to fix a wide variety of bugs and glitches found in-game. In addition to this, metal wire has been added to base building proxies, and the items "Feathers" and "Small Guts" have been removed when skinning chickens. You can check out the full list of changes below.




  • Fixed: Several server crashes
  • Fixed: Rag icon disappears when moved over to fireplace
  • Fixed: Incorrect filter name in Filters -> Sorting
  • Fixed: No possibility to switch firing mode
  • Fixed: Polytunnel having a white untextured square inside
  • Fixed: Torch no being possible to ignite from a burning Fireplace
  • Fixed: Fixed missing LODs in medium tent camonet proxy
  • Fixed: Roadflare burning sound not playing
  • Fixed: Wheels might be shaking/twitching
  • Fixed: Missing material/textures
  • Fixed: A seat can be moved while a player is sitting on it
  • Fixed: Faulty firegeometry components


  • Tweaked: Plants take only ~30 minutes to grow now.
  • Tweaked: HUD icons and UI updates
  • Tweaked: Damage system for vehicles
  • Tweaked: Weather
  • Tweaked: System messages
  • Tweaked: Metabolism and regeneration
  • Tweaked: Stamina and quantity progress bars
  • Tweaked: HUD icons
In regards to the "tweaked" aspects of the patch notes, there's been no indication of what this means in regards to changes made. However, we do know that the patch for DayZ is live, so you can see the alterations for yourself.

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