State of Decay 2 Devs Wish Us Happy Holidays With The 6.0 Update

By Sam Quirke, 1 month ago
Undead Labs have released their 6.0 update for State of Decay 2 just in time for the holidays, which sorts out some weapon and rewards balancing issues, adds facility actions and increases late-game zombie horde size.

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The major holiday gift for all players is this sweet Wizard Van:

Wizard Van

Players can call in the delivery as soon as they download the new patch.

Undead Labs have been working hard to implement some of the most requested changes from the community. Here are the major headlines from the patch:

  • We made several balance changes to the Daybreak rewards — CLEO guns are better, CLEO ammo can be crafted, and Red Talon contractors are cheaper … though a bit more unruly.
  • We added some new facility actions — you can craft Ammo, Meds, and Food, and you can teleport gas cans and repair kits straight into parked vehicles.
  • We amped up the benefits of allied enclaves, and added the option to dismiss trader enclaves when you’re trying to summon a new one and there isn’t any room for them.
  • We added the ability to use simple consumables while in a vehicle.
  • We bumped up the size of zombie hordes late in the game.
If you want the exhaustive list of changes, you can check out the official site or check the spoiler tag below:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

The 6.0 patch is available now.

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