Side-Scroller Odium to the Core Announced for Xbox One

By Nicole René, 30 days ago
We recently saw the achievement list go live a few days ago, and now we can confirm that Odium to the Core is set to release on Xbox One this year. Described as a single-button side-scroller, the goal is to guide Odium through each level of the game, combating the rising darkness and corruption. You can see for yourself in the recent trailer, provided by the developers at Dark-1.

Players can discover the story behind this monochromatic world by witnessing the cutscenes throughout. But only by reaching the core can they end the spreading darkness for good. With various types of traps, enemies, and bosses to halt your adventure, traversing the narrow passages becomes an increasing challenge to balance. Each level comes with an original soundtrack as well, and players who are skilled enough to survive each one will also have the chance to test their mettle in both the Endless Mode and Nightmare Mode.

Expect to see Odium to the Core arrive just after Christmas on December 26th.

We've got the full list of Odium to the Core achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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Nicole René
Written by Nicole René
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