Celeste Goes Free With Gold A Day Early, New Levels Announced

By Sam Quirke, 16 days ago
If you're excited to play one of the most beloved indie titles of 2018, it's a great time to get involved. Not only has Celeste gone free with an Xbox Live Gold subscription a day early (it's supposed to be free for a month from January), we're getting extra levels too.

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According to lead designer Matt Thorson, these "Farewell" levels are a thank you to everyone for supporting the game in 2018 — so far, Celeste has sold half a million copies. The levels will be suitably tricky for those who have exhausted the challenging A, B and C Side levels of the base game.

We'll be intrigued to hear what the Celeste crew will be working on next, particularly as their other project Skytorn has been cancelled. Skytorn had been in development for four years, but according to designer Noel Berry (writing on Medium.com) the game never quite came together into a cohesive experience. He confirms that the core Celeste team are sticking together and will have announcements in 2019 for the next project.

You can download Celeste for free today with a Gold subscription — it's not appearing in the Gold section of the library just yet for those of us still technically in 2018, but head to the store and you will find it ready to download. Happy New Year!

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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