Martial Arts Themed Action-RPG Absolver Arriving on Xbox One

By NicoleRenee00,
Originally released for Steam and PS4, Absolver is a very difficult game to describe. Featuring martial arts based combat, online PvP and PvE, and light RPG aspects, it's a title that blends into multiple genres at once. What is clear is that the developers at Sloclap have announced via Twitter that their latest title will now be arriving on Xbox One as well, with a promise for a quick release in the future.

With every player hidden behind their mask, Absolver is built around the collapsing world of Adal, where the reigning empire has crumbled and been replaced by the rule of the Guides. In order to prove themselves worthy of joining their elite corps of Absolvers, each warrior will traverse the the forsaken lands, challenging their fellow Prospects and developing their unique fighting styles and equipment to survive. With designated PvP arenas that increase fighter representation with the Absolvers, and special PvE areas where teams fight for the spoils of war, the choice to battle or befriend enemies is based solely on the choice of the player, and random encounters throughout the world help define each warrior as an individual.

There's no exact release date in place, but after passing certification, Sloclap has stated that Absolver will arrive on Xbox One very shortly.

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