TA Playlist for January 2019 is Live with Sleeping Dogs

By Mark Delaney, 15 days ago
Happy new year TA community! Today kicks off our third year of TA Playlist, our official game club, and if you've never joined before now is a great time to see what it's like as we have a game worthy of discussion lined up. Join us from now until our digital calendars turn over to February as we travel to digital Hong Kong with 2012's crime drama, Sleeping Dogs.

12/3/13 Year of the Snake 6

Sleeping Dogs was launched by United Front after Square Enix pulled it out of Activision's trash can where it was once the canceled True Crime: Hong Kong. The game went on to get mostly positive reviews, sitting between an 80 and 83 depending on which platform you look up. It was later remastered for the current generation as the "Definitive Edition," packing in the game's eclectic mix of add-ons for new and returning players.

As always, any version of the game will count toward your TA Playlist badge, so whether you're playing on Xbox 360, Xbox One, or one of the regional variants, you're a part of the club. Join us in the TA Playlist Hub — and don't blow your cover!
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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