The Last Night Encounters Development Woes

By Rebecca Smith, 14 days ago
At E3 2017, Microsoft revealed a plethora of new games during their stage presentation. One of those games was The Last Night, a cinematic platformer set in a 2D cyperpunk open world. After a burst of trailers and screenshots at the show, developer Odd Tales kept themselves to themselves until they released a trailer in December 2017 about the game's road to E3. That was the last we heard about the game, and it seems like things haven't been going as swimmingly as they were in that final video. The studio's founder, Tim Soret, took to Twitter to explain the studio's woes and why the game missed its 2018 release window, beginning with a rather ominous new year message.

In positive news, at the start of the year the team was able to double in size and move into a proper studio. As for the game, its budget "got a *massive* raise", and they developed the code architecture and better pixel art techniques to use. Then things started to go wrong:

At the moment, the development status of the game is unknown, although it doesn't seem to be cancelled. Hopefully the studio finds the funding they need for development to continue on the much-anticipated title.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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