Kingdom Hearts III Co-Director Confirms Reason Behind Long Development Cycle

By James Kearle, 14 days ago
After a complex and seemingly neverending development cycle, KINGDOM HEARTS III is finally coming to Xbox One on January 29th. Although conversation has shifted towards the game's pre-launch trailers and world reveals in recent months, many fans of Square Enix's cross-over action-RPG series may still be curious as to why it took 14 long years for the series' latest entry to arrive. Seeking to answer these questions, a recent Newsweek interview with Tai Yasue, co-director of Kingdom Hearts III, has unveiled the issue that held the game back for so long.


Yasue confirmed that "the decision to switch the game engine" was the main reason the game took so long to come to fruition, comparing the game's development to that of a rollercoaster. Due to the changes in technology and workflows, Square Enix decided to give their team time to understand the new engine and adapt their work to its heightened capabilities. Yasue was apologetic, being "truly sorry" for the length of time Square Enix has taken, but believes that the technological enhancements will mean that Kingdom Hearts III meets everyone’s expectations, and that the new engine has facilitated new "unique and crazy" gameplay opportunities within some of Disney's newer properties (such as Frozen and Tangled).

Kingdom Hearts III screenshot

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