GyroShooter VR (Win 10) Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 11 days ago
We have just picked up the achievement list for GyroShooter VR (Win 10), which is developed and published by Triangle Service.

This game requires a Windows tablet with gyro sensor.
If you are not sure whether your device has one, please play the free trial.

Aim the targets approaching from all sides!
Triangle Service, creator of many arcade games, presents a new stlye game for PC that looks like a shoot'em up without "shooting" element.

[Key Features]
·This game features no "press the button to fire", that is the most common feature in a shoot'em up
·Includes a classic shoot'em up recreated from a differen
You can find guides to unlocking these achievements as soon as we have them on the GyroShooter VR (Win 10) Achievements page.
GyroShooter (Win 10)

There are 13 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, 1 of which is secret (to reveal the details of the secret achievement, please use this link):

Name Description Gamerscore
[AC] Aim the ball Break 1,000 balls 50
[AC] Aim the red ball Break 10 red balls 50
[Plane] Aim the enemies Break 1,000 enemies 50
[MZ] Aim the target Break 1,000 targets 50
[Planet] THE END Don't forget to clear 100
[Planet] Nice! Destroy a group of enemies 50
[Planet] Space frog Find the frog 100
[Planet] UFO unidentified 100
[Planet] Moon Night came 100
[MZ] Clear Clear the MinusZero 100
Secret Achievement Continue playing to unlock this achievement. 50
[Challenng] Space frog Find the frog 100
[Challenge] Reach the goal Reach the last level 100
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