PSA: Skate 3 'Skate.REEL' Unlock Code Expires Soon

By Keith Gray, 7 years ago
If you have Skate 3 on your 'tag, it's in your interest to drop your controller for a moment and cast your eyes over this Public Service Announcement.

Gamers who purchased a new copy of the skating simulator should have received a Xbox Live Games Marketplace code to download the "Skate Share Pack" free of charge. We wish to make everyone aware that said download code will expire on May 11th, 2011.

Now for the most important news... the "Skate Share Pack" is required to unlock:

Skate 3Artsy FartsyThe Artsy Fartsy achievement in Skate 3 worth 78 pointsUpload 5 Films and 5 Photos, and 3 skate.Parks

The DLC's Marketplace description provides further details on what the content includes:

Skate Share enables the ability for you to share your own skate creations (videos, photos, parks) as well as access Skate.Reel footage and custom Skate.Parks created by the Skate community

After the expiry date, gamers who failed to take advantage of the free download code will have to fork out the normal price of 800 MSP for the DLC content.

Players who have purchased a used copy of the title will (unfortunately!) have to pay the full price for the DLC; click here, if you wish to add it to your download queue.
Credit for this story goes to tractakid
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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