Gwent Livestream Explores the Mulligan Update

By Nicole René, 7 days ago
Like most card games, strategy plays an important role in Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, and various in-game mechanics help to build upon it. One such mechanic is the mulligan (or discard) system. Recently, Projekt Red announced that new rules would come into play during the mulligan phase in the form of an update, as seen through the latest livestream on Twitch.


The mulligan phase, for those unaware, is the process of replacing a player's cards at the beginning of each round. By discarding or "blacklisting" a card, the player won't be able to draw it again in the same mulligan phase. It's a simple enough process. However, it's also very crucial to the game of Gwent, as sequencing plays a large role in how each round players out. With the latest patch, multiple changes will be arriving to the mulligan system.
  • Mulligans will now be limited to two per round, no matter the deck
  • The player to go first will receive one extra mulligan in the first round
  • Passing a turn with more than 7 cards in hand will turn extra draws into mulligans
  • Leaders now determine the maximum provisions (recruit cap) available
  • The Sihil card has a reduced cost of 11 provisions and a cooldown of 2
  • The Letho of Gulet card ability will no longer be available until the end of January
These alterations are explained in the livestream below, as stated. However, Projekt Red has noted that the full patch notes will be available at a later date, bringing additional info about the system.

Finally, players can expect another update to arrive in the future as well, bringing balance tweaks, faction challenges, and additional leaders to the game.

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Nicole René
Written by Nicole René
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