Anna Tells the Story of Metro Exodus in Latest Trailer

By Rebecca Smith,
Inspired by Dmitry Glukhovsky's novel Metro 2035, Metro Exodus tells the story of a band of Spartan Ranger survivors who have survived a nuclear war that devastated Earth. These survivors reside in the Metro tunnels underneath Moscow, the only safe-ish refuge from radiation and the mutated beasts it created. As Artyom, players must lead these Spartan Rangers as they flee across Russia in search of a new life, and the latest trailer for the game gives a glimpse into the sort of world players will need to tackle.

The trailer is narrated by Artyom's wife Anna, the best sniper of the Spartan Order, as the team boards the Aurora steam train and heads east in an epic year-long journey. If you were expecting bleak winter landscapes, then you'll be getting those as the survivors emerge onto the streets of Moscow, but we also get a look at the type of landscapes you might not have been expecting, including the bistering sands of the Caspian desert. You'll even get a sample of the game's soundtrack composed by Alexey Omelchuk.

You can join the Spartan Rangers on their journey when the game is released on February 15th. Until that happens, keep your eyes open on TA for more gameplay reveals before the game hits stores.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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