Splinter Cell Voice Actor Keeps The Rumour Mill Turning

By Sam Quirke, 5 days ago
Splinter Cell, where are you? The rumours have been swirling for ages, and Sam Fisher's Italian voice actor isn't helping matters with his latest Facebook post, as spotted by GameRant. Surely something must be happening in the near future?

Now there's every chance that Luca Ward is just feeling as nostalgic as the rest of us — he replied to his own post with a link to the first Splinter Cell's opening theme — but it's also possible that he's involved in a sequel we don't know about. It certainly feels like the wheels could be in motion. The post follows an earlier story from GamesIndustry.biz in which several analysts made their 2019 predictions. One of those, Michael Pachter, anticipates four AAA announcements from Ubisoft this year and for one of those to be Splinter Cell. We can tell that Ubisoft are testing the waters for a Sam Fisher return thanks to his inclusion in a Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands event. We also can't ignore that Splinter Cell is pretty much the only game from last year's notorious Walmart leak that didn't show up at E3, which suggests that there may have been an unintended delay. Outgoing Ubisoft producer Jade Raymond went as far as to confirm to GameReactor that her team had been working on a Splinter Cell concept before departure.

At the risk of upsetting our own Editorials Manager even further, we really think Splinter Cell could be just around the corner...
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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