We Happy Few Patch Fixes Bugged Achievements and Collectibles

By NicoleRenee00,
Despite leaving the game preview program with flying colors, We Happy Few still has its quirks when it comes to collectibles and achievements. And, unfortunately, even hallucinogenic drugs can't stop players from being unhappy as they realize their completion is at stake. Lucky for us, the developers at Compulsion Games are aware of the issue, and recently released a patch to fix both bugged achievements and missing collectibles, which you can see below.


Achievement Updates

  • Uncle Jack Show broadcasts will now be unlocked in the Theatre when watching them on a home TV or listening to them on a radio already turned on, if you watch/listen for a few seconds.
  • “Gimme Shelter” achievement now correctly unlocks after discovering all five shelters (previously was 4).
  • “You Do Know Jack” achievement now correctly unlocks when collecting the last mask in Sally’s Story (even though 1 broadcast was still missing).
  • “Gotta Catch Them All!” achievement now unlocked after collecting the correct number of butterflies.
  • The ‘Swimming’ mask in The Great Stink will now be visible from further away.
  • “News Hour - Well look at you!” is now present in the theatre after collection.
In addition to the achievement adjustments, a new save system has also been implemented, and various quests have received fixes as well. The full patch notes can be found on the official site, and all changes are now live.