Smoke and Sacrifice Developer Diary Features Improvements Ahead of Release

By Caleb Greer, 12 days ago
If you're looking for a dark fantasy-adventure game to play this January, Smoke And Sacrifice may be the indie title to satisfy that itch. A developer diary was recently released in which Tanc and Neil, two co-founders of Solar Sail Games, sit down to discuss what the game is all about and how it's been improved for the upcoming Xbox One and PS4 versions. Prominent changes include 4K enhancement and a new questline that gives players the Possession Wand, an object used for mind-control on enemies. Check out the whole video below:

For those interested, here's a quick description of the game:
Having previously been released on PC and Nintendo Switch™, players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will finally be able to play as Sachi; a mother who after sacrificing her first born son to the Sun Tree is on a dangerous journey of discovery, deceit and danger in the Underworld. Craft a huge variety of weapons and armour using technology ranging from stone age to steampunk. Search for answers through meetings with friends and foe alike. Explore the game's beautifully realised world and untangle its living, breathing world.
Smoke And Sacrifice launches on January 15th.
Caleb Greer
Written by Caleb Greer
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