Risen 2: Dark Waters Screenshots and Details

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
The third person RPG Risen 2: Dark Waters follows on from the story of Risen, although players now find themselves in a new setting, several years down the line. On the peninsula of the Lost Realm lies a city called Caldera. It is one of few remaining safe havens after humanity is pushed to the brink of extinction.

As revealed back in February, monstrous sea creatures are now causing vital shipments of supplies to grind to a halt. One hero hears a rumour that a bunch of pirates of the Southern Islands know of a way to banish these monsters. Whilst attempting to infiltrate their ranks, the hero must acquire this knowledge in time to save Caldera from the increasing threat of danger.

Gameplay Highlights:
• Risen 2 features a unique, tropical fantasy setting in an open world complete with firearms, dirty tricks and a brand new situationally appropriate magic style.

• The game includes completely overhauled, sophisticated tech providing vastly improved high-res texturing, brand new weather, water and light/shadow effects, a fully revamped character animation system and an exhaustive NPC character model design which greatly reduces the chance of “clone” NPCs.

• One of the most intense, immersive game worlds ever created, Risen 2 intends to fully envelop its players in its world with a full day/night cycle, dynamic weather patterns, NPCs with daily routines who react based on your behavior, and even creature AI with routine behaviors such as scavenging and sleeping that are impacted by the time of day.

• Risen 2 allows players to shape their game experience and even the game world itself depending on their actions and choices. Every decision made has a consequence – it may change the character’s skillset, NPC relationships, or even potential questlines.

• Several unique islands, all lovingly designed by hand with no copy and paste set pieces, encourage exploration and adventure while the player hunts for secret treasures and hidden areas.
Publisher Deep Silver seems fairly keen to show off their lighting effects, with screenshots of the same scene but at different times of the day.

22/4/11 Lighting 4

22/4/11 Lighting 3

22/4/11 Lighting 1

22/4/11 Lighting 2

Finally, here are a few screenshots showcasing some of the enemies that you are likely to meet.

22/4/11 Enemy 1

22/4/11 Enemy 2

22/4/11 Enemy 3

22/4/11 Enemy 4

A release date for Risen 2: Dark Waters is yet to be confirmed.
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