Outward Prepares for Release with a New Trailer and Screenshots

By Nicole René, 1 month ago
With launch day fast approaching, Nine Dots Studio is eager to unveil more content for their upcoming RPG, Outward. A new set of screenshots was recently revealed alongside a trailer, both of which offer a glimpse of the open-world and harsh terrain that players will traverse as they develop their own destiny.

If you missed it, Outward is an RPG that strives to create the true life of an adventurer. With strong survival mechanics and a complex magic system, every wanderer can create their own, unique experience, whether they strive to discover new cities, explore barren dungeons, or just survive the merciless wilds. Each journey into the land of Aurai is limited only by what the wanderer themselves can accomplish. Supported by both local and online co-op, immersion is based entirely on the choices of the player and how they perceive the world around them, making every playthrough one of a kind.

You can start your own adventure when Outward launches on March 26th.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Outward achievements.
Nicole René
Written by Nicole René
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