Become a Celebrity in The Sims 4 DLC

By Nicole René, 29 days ago
If creating a life that's full of career accomplishments, family values, and vampires isn't enough to keep you interested in the The Sims 4, then perhaps the latest DLC is. Recently announced to be joining the list of Xbox One DLC is the "Get Famous" add-on, where Sims aspire to walk the red carpet and become a star in Del Sol Valley.

Stardom comes with many responsibilities, from practicing your acting career to keeping up with all the social media trends, but keeping your Fame points up can help you score big with the celebrities, getting your Sim into all the top clubs in town. The higher your reputation, the more the world will notice you, following your venues and imitating your style. Of course, fame also comes with consequences, and being a star means the camera will always be focused on you.

If you aren't too busy being a real celebrity, you can reach stardom with your Sim when the "Get Famous" DLC launches on February 12th.

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Nicole René
Written by Nicole René
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