Sea of Thieves Gets A File Size Cut, But You'll Have To Reinstall It

By Sam Quirke, 1 month ago
Sea of Thieves is getting a patch that will significantly decrease the game's install size, so it'll take up less precious space on our hard drives. Unfortunately the patch will require a full re-installation to take effect.

Executive Producer Joe is back in the tavern to discuss the latest developments on the seas, and the biggest news is that the game's install size will reduce from its current 35GB to a mere 10GB on Xbox One, or 47GB to 25GB on an Xbox One X and Windows 10. The patch process will be improved going forward so that the install size doesn't get out of control again. It will free up the team to concentrate on their content plans for the future.

The update will arrive on February 6th, so be prepared for a bigger patch download size than usual if you want to keep playing.

The team have located and banned another small group of cheaters over the weekend as well, and this patch will also implement the streamer setting which hides gamertags and identifiers, so that streamers won't be targeted so easily by griefers. The patch will also nullify the double-gunning exploit that players have discovered. There's also "something else" happening around the time of this update, but Rare aren't quite ready to tell us what that is yet.

The patch goes live on February 6th and you can expect it to be between 10 and 25GB depending on your platform.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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