Revenant's Bolt Update Will Add New Character and Gear to City of Brass

By Dave Horobin, 1 month ago
Australia based developer Uppercut Games has announced a free new update for City of Brass, titled Revenant's Bolt, will be heading to consoles "soon". Available on the PC version already, the "Revenant's Bolt" update will add a new playable character and gear to the console version of the game. You can watch the video below:

Whilst the video is short at only 35 seconds and the description doesn't give us much in the way of detail, the game's Steam page does have some more information.

City of Brass Update 1.5: Revenant's Bolt

Revenant's Bolt adds a new crossbow-wielding playable character - the Revenant! Also look out for new Weapons and Relics to find.

New Character Class

How was this lowly footsoldier able to break free from the City's misfortune? The Revenant is no longer a mindless savage, but hungry as ever for the gold that the city contains.

  • Equipped with an enchanted Crossbow
  • Press and hold to charge up a magical shot, release to launch
  • Different effects for charged shots per crossbow
  • Unlocks at rank 12

New Relics and Weapons

City of Brass Update 1.5: Revenant's Bolt

The Revenant comes with its own new set of Weapons and Relics - search chests and visit Genies to find them all.

The Revenant is the final Rival for City of Brass, and we hope you enjoy running and gunning with it as much as we do!
The Revenant's Bolt update for City of Brass is scheduled to release "soon" for consoles.

We've got the full list of City of Brass achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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