Weekend Announcements January 18th-20th: Deponia, Power Rangers and More

By Rebecca Smith,
This last weekend was quite busy for the announcement of new titles. There are 10 new games for you to meet today, some of which we should have met before. You can find a bit about each of them below, so take a look at the list and see if there's anything you fancy.


Platforms: Xbox One
Release Window: 2019
If you had visions of a game similar to Overcooked you'd be wrong. This creation by Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment is a free-to-play battle royale MMO shooter with "realistic weaponry" and "highly detailed environments". Items found throughout the maps offer bonuses to players, such as an IV feed that regenerates health or glasses to improve accuracy. So where does the cuisine bit come in? Well, armour has been replaced with cooking utensils. Use a colander as a helmet, or a wok as a breastplate. There are also loot boxes dotted throughout the maps, but each one is free to all players and has clearly labelled contents. This slightly unique take on battle royale is available in beta to Xbox Insiders until January 31st.


Platforms: Xbox One
Release Window: March 27th, 2019
In October 2016, "classic point & click adventure" Deponia was given a release date for PlayStation 4. At the same time, Daedalic Entertainment announced an Xbox One version to be released "shortly". Since then, the second title in the franchise has been released, but nothing more was mentioned about the first. Imagine our surprise when it turns out the game is still coming to the console, although admittedly after all of the others in the franchise. The game follows Rufus, a member of the lowest social class forced to live in a world that's become one big rubbish tip, all while the rich live in Elysium, a floating city away from all of the pollution. One day, a lady named Goal falls from the sky to land amongst the trash. Rufus decides to help her return, until he realises he looks really similar to Goal's husband and could scheme his way into a richer existence.


Platforms: Xbox One
Release Window: Late 2019
10tons' "open world action RPG" draws inspiration from such lofty titles as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Stardew Valley, Subnautica, Steamworld Dig, and Dark Souls. A calamity has thrown a dystopian island into chaos where time seems to have stood still at some point between the 70s and the 90s. Alone on a deserted island, the protagonist emerges from his underground shelter to find supplies, uncover what actually happened, and then find a way off the island. As the title suggests, "over 99%" of the game's objects can be dismantled and their materials used to craft new items, such as "tools, weapons, headgear, outfits, and trinkets". His survival also depends on his ability to fight, hunt, solve puzzles, build a base, and explore.


Platforms: Xbox One
Release Window: 2019
Game Freak's internal game jam, known as "Gear Project", encourages their developers to brainstorm ideas for a game that the company wouldn't usually make. One of those ideas was this "2D action/adventure" with metroidvania leanings. Reika is looking to find the reasons for an invasion that ruined the world. To do so, she'll need to use her unique ability ARCHE (Arms Creating and Handling Effect) to destroy the world around her and build new items from the debris to navigate the world, solve puzzles and fight against the invaders. The developer has teamed up with Rising Star Games to bring the game to consoles with exclusive content in the form of 20 additional campaign stages, a new companion character, and a challenging Ironman mode.

Goodbye Deponia

Platforms: Xbox One
Release Window: January 30th, 2019
Following on from Deponia and Chaos on Deponia, the third title once again puts players in the shoes of Rufus after Goal disappears... again. He's still trying to worm his way into Elysium and escape his fate in the junkyard, and he still views Goal as the key to getting there. Now he thinks he has the perfect plan, but The Organon are planning to destroy Deponia forever, and it wouldn't be an adventure worth playing if everything went to plan, would it?


Platforms: Xbox One
Release Window: Q1 2019
Ratalaika Games is becoming well known for their ability to port many games to console. RetroRevolution's "2D platformer action game" is no exception. An android girl called Meta has seen her sisters and her creator, Dr Ray, captured by General Creeper, the leader of a rogue army. Her sisters were turned into battle cyborgs that Creeper wants to use in his plan to take over the world, and she must battle against all of them to free them and take on their abilities. Eventually she'll be ready to face Creeper himself and free Dr Ray.

Obey Me

Platforms: Xbox One
Release Window: Q3 2019
Error 404 Game Studios' "cooperative holypunk brawler" pits angels and demons against one another in a war that directly impacts the future of humanity. Vanessa Held is a "former human-turned-lesser-demon" who works for the Archduke of Avarice, a demon caught up directly in the conflict. Together with her hellhound Monty, she needs to battle against her enemies and absorb their souls to upgrade her weapons and Monty's powers. If their attacks are successful, they can combine efforts in Fusion Mode to become one avatar with even more deadly attacks. Co-op play will be available where a second player can control Monty directly. The title will be coming to consoles thanks to publisher Blowfish Studios, and it will be accompanied by a series of Obey Me graphic novels beginning in March.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

Platforms: Xbox One
Release Window: April 2019
nWay previously created the mobile title Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. Now they're taking to consoles with a fighting game that includes both new and classic Power Rangers and villains. The "streamlined combat system" promises to be welcoming for new players as well as offering depth for more experienced players if they choose. There will be cross-platform online play between Xbox One, Switch and PC players, and progress will be shared between platforms too. After the game has been released, "more content and game modes" have been promised throughout the year — Season One will include three more characters, their Arcade story lines, and a new skin. Pre-orders (US$19.99) will offer the Green Ranger V2 character skin and a digital art book. Finally, the Digital Collector's Edition ($39.99) will include the game, Season One Pass, and character skins for Lord Drakkon Evo II and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink Ranger.

Salt and Sanctuary

Platforms: Xbox One
Release Window: February 6th, 2019
Ska Studios took a break from Xbox after the release of Charlie Murder in 2013. Over five years later, their most recent title will be coming home thanks to the porting team at Blitworks. Beneath the moss, rust and decay of the forgotten cities, dungeons and monuments found in nearby foggy valleys, mysterious shambling figures are appearing. These cursed figures belong to an unspeakable evil that mankind foolishly banished from their thoughts. The game combines RPG mechanics with "fast, brutal, and complex 2D combat" as players explore the valleys, learn spells, and discover the items and treasures left behind.


Platforms: Xbox One
Release Window: 2019
Team Jolly Roger's "strategic deep-space artillery game" is the sequel to their PC-only title Interplanetary. Players will control a planet that they can equip with all kinds of futuristic weaponry, from massive guns and lasers to "maniacal doomsday weapons such as the World Rammer", and support structures like shields. The star system battlefield is constantly changing and foes could be anywhere, and the aim is to be the last planet with a surviving civilisation. As well as AI skirmishes, the game offers local and online multiplayer modes.

Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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