Band of Bastards DLC Arrives Soon for Kingdom Come: Deliverance

By Nicole René, 29 days ago
With a career that consists of tournament matches, bandit slaying, wooing noble women, and learning to read, one would expect that Henry of Skalitz, protagonist of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, has plenty to keep him busy in the future. Yet Warhorse Studios is releasing a third DLC to add to the list, once again putting the not-so-experienced adventurer to the test.

Aptly titled the "Band of Bastards", players are tasked with leading a party of occasionally criminal mercenaries in the service of Sir Radzig, all the while avoiding wide-scale war between old enemies. Keeping the roads safe means guiding the entourage through the domain of Bohemia while also keeping their illicit tendencies in check. With a focus on combat and conflict, players are free to lead the men however they see fit, whether it means protecting the roads or pillaging the land.

You can lead your own band of bastards when the DLC releases on February 5th. The final add-on, "A Woman’s Lot," is expected to release sometime during 2019 as well.

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Nicole René
Written by Nicole René
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